My little one is so busy...what if he/she won't sit in a circle? We don’t expect them too!  Particularly toddlers are quite exploratory and this is part of their learning process.  Often times, parents tell me that while they thought their little one wasn’t paying attention in class, when they get home suddenly they are talking about Kindermusik and the various activities that took place, and singing the songs. The same goes for the super observant ones. The kids that sit and watch the WHOLE class,  and do little else or are super shy. These same kids will go home, line up their dolls and pretend they are Miss. Orly and have their own music class.  These are true stories parents tell me all the time. Our brain processes information in many different ways. Whether your little one is an explorer, an observer or somewhere in between, rest assured,  the music and learning are coming through! Additionally, the At-Home Materials that are included in every Kindermusik program, helps to reinforce the learning. The more the kids listen to the CDs, read the books and do the activities at home, the more comfortable they become with the routines and rituals of the classroom setting.

Are there any rules in Miss. Orly’s Kindermusik classroom? 

Yes, two very important ones.  Walking feet and indoor voices. While it is perfectly acceptable for our children to explore, screaming is very distracting and running  in circles at full speed is dangerous. When kids are running, they run a high risk of crashing into other kids or the wall , fall flat on their face or on their head. This can result in goose eggs, bloody noses and even concussions if the hit is hard enough.   If your little one is running or screaming, we ask that you take them out into the hall for some cool down time and remind them of Miss. Orly’s two rules.  Sometimes you may need to repeat this action a few times – that is ok! We are not here to judge – we have ALL gone through it, and we are on the same team.  Be consistent with your little one, and they will learn super fast.  


I have done the Kindermusik baby and toddler programs, but this year my little one is going to pre-school  and I’m worried that he/she may feel overwhelmed. 

In fact, the opposite is true!  Consistency is your best friend when starting something new and needed in times of change. With all the changes in your little one’s life, keeping him/her in Kindermusik provides the consistency required to make the transition easier. With life getting busier, and your child’s activities more independent in nature, Kindermusik is one place the two of you can spend time focused on each other in a familiar and warm environment.

I work full time and/or shift work. Do you have any programs that work around my busy schedule? Yes, we do offer evening, weekend and flex classes!



My little one is not so little anymore! What is involved in your oldest age group…Kindermusik for the Young Child! Here is where you watch your big kid become a budding musician!  In this incredibly enriched 2-year journey, children learn musical terms and notations, as well as how to play on 3 different instruments – the Glockenspiel, Dulcimer & Recorder. They also learn about famous composers, music from around the world, various instrument families and soooo much more.  Young Child is designed to prepare your child for formal music lessons. Most of my Young Child kids make a very easy transition to piano, violin or whichever instrument they choose. 

-  If you have an older child who has not taken any of the YC curriculum, but you wish to enroll them, you are welcome to as long as there is space and they are the recommended age – For example a 6 year old, would go right into Young Child Year 2 (semester one is not a pre-requisite, but the child must be a minimum of 5 &  ½-6 years old. 

I just had a baby…is he/she too young to join? 

We played music for our babies when they were in our bellies – instantly knowing it’s the first real language they learn.  It is never too early to start Kindermusik classes once they make their appearance into this world, and did you know?  If you have a baby under  3 months of age, they may qualify for FREE tuition. This is based on availability for 1-2 kids per class, and on a first come first serve basis. 

Can I bring my infant while having class with my toddler, or my toddler to an infant class? Both Foundations & Level 2 classes are very parent/child focused, and asks that you give your whole-hearted attention to your little one in attendance.  That being said, there is an amazing option for you right on site at the JCC – Playzone. Playzone is a drop-in babysitting service that takes children as young as newborn and allows you to book in one-hour increments.  Many of my Kindermusik parents have used this service, often doing back to back classes – while one child is in Kindermusik, the other is at Playzone having a ton of fun. And if the amazing staff at Playzone need anything from you…you are literally steps down the hall.  To inquire/book with Playzone, please call 519-673-3310.


Can I bring my infant/toddler to the Level 3, 4 or 5 classes? Yes! This one works a little differently.  In these levels, the kids are on their own with Miss. Orly for the majority of the class. We bring parents in for the last 10-15 minutes of Sharing Time. Siblings are welcome to join. In the waiting area, please  bring a few things from home to keep your littler ones busy –  reading/colouring books, ipads, quiet games,  etc.  Whether in or out of the studio, please remind your children of Miss. Orly’s two rules – walking feet and indoor voices. The children are not to run up and down the halls, climb on the furniture, or yell – safety first…no bonked noggins!


Please remember that I am here should you have any additional questions or concerns.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring music into you and your little ones lives!